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Shortcuts is powered by a team of 139 staff worldwide. Hard-working, dedicated and passionate, the Shortcuts team hails from a wide range of backgrounds, talents and experiences.

With offices in three continents, and a far-reaching network of resellers, Shortcuts brings an international perspective to the industry.

UkflagShortcuts United Kingdom 

The UK Shortcuts team provides sales, support, professional services and training to thousands of salons - including some of the largest and most prestigious salon groups in the UK and throughout Europe.

Aus FlagShortcuts Australia

As the original birthplace of Shortcuts, Brisbane is where the head office is situated. Within the walls of this inner city office are the largest research and development team in the industry – aka the geniuses behind our software.  With over 70 employees, this office is the hub of Shortcuts, providing marketing, education, sales, support, and professional services to the rest of the world.


Usaflag1Shortcuts North America

While the team is situated in Huntington Beach California, they remain focused on supporting national sales agents in the North American region by providing marketing, sales, professional services and education support.

Int FlagInternational Resellers

Throughout Australasia, Europe and the Middle East, Shortcuts accredited resellers provide the implementation, training and localised customer service to their ever-growing list of clients, ensuring the power of Shortcuts is realised worldwide.



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