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The Salon Style Pod

Posted on 1st December 2016 by Michelle Blake

The Style Pod

‘My passion for the industry comes from a long and deep understanding of not only the business but of the female psyche.’ 

You need to step back to understand what it is clients want from their salon experience. They come primarily to look good, of course - so they will be seeking your advice and expertise on hair style, colour and aftercare. They need to feel confident about you from the beginning and you need to accommodate their expectations. 

One of the tools I have created, is the Salon Style Pod - a place for private consultations. I find this is a space where clients feel comfortable really looking at themselves. We look in depth at the choice of hair style and colour. This holistic approach is practical and sometimes life-changing.  

It’s hard for most clients to really see themselves so I must bridge the gap and teach them to see their positive features, see what they can change and enhance. It is relatively easy to make positive changes that are hugely rewarding!  

Your image is a reflection of your inner-self.  We need to understand that what we choose to wear - the colour, shape and style is a huge part of the ‘first impression’. 

I am currently setting up Style Pods in other shops and salons. I have been training stylists to use my new concept as well as working with management training companies. Most recently, one of the UK’s leading opticians - Specsavers.  

To accompany my salon training, I have created a 5-STEP SYSTEM which encompasses every part of customer care and experience. To give you an idea of how it works, the basic steps are: 

  1. Understanding who the client is - their lifestyle, how they live, what their demands are. 
  2. Colour - Their eyes, hair, skin tone and balance of depth. 
  3. Using my colour capes/fans establish if they are warm/cool and use imagery to back up the theory so they can see for themselves.  
  4. Help them to understand scale and proportion, face and body shape. 
  5. Teach them how far they can go with their style and make recommendations to create the look they truly want.  

I do believe that most salons can improve the way they communicate and understand that each and everything they do reflects who they are.

Training staff to offer thoughtful and useful customer care advice is essential. Helping them to find the correct language and techniques, to know which questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers. Most importantly how to listen, look and empathise are all part of communication which translates to a great business. 


about the author

Michelle is well known in the industry as a presenter, trainer and consultant. Michelle works with L’Oréal Education Academy and multiple world renowned hairdressers, travelling the world training and presenting her knowledge to others. Michelle started her career as a hairdresser and technician, joining the Blushes Group in Gloucestershire 30 years ago. Michelle has worked hard to build an impressive client base for her international training and consulting, including her own Style Consultancy business.

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POSTED ON 2nd June 2017 BY   Anita
How does this help my Beauty salon as it is under Beauty. And not hair?

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