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7 reasons why your clients leave

Posted on 1st November 2017 by Jessica Crane

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I carry out feedback projects for salons and spas frequently and as a third party, clients are much more forthcoming and honest with their feedback than when salons try to capture this information first hand. When clients leave, and take their business elsewhere lots of salons and spas want to find out what happened?!

Here are the top 7 reasons why your clients have left you:

1. They are bored!

The most frequent answer I receive is that they were bored of their therapist/stylist not offering them new ideas/styles/treatments and generally having limited options offered to them. They may feel you are no longer current. At this point they have become a client who is regular and their stylist/therapist have become complacent taking their loyalty for granted. If you find yourself ever muttering the words “same as last time?” you and your client are on borrowed time. “I need fresh eyes on my hair” were the words of a client who left her stylist after 10 years.

2. Enthusiasm

Once a client has visited you several times and becomes a regular client, therapist and stylist can make the mistake of becoming over familiar and casual with clients and that period, just like dating of trying to win them over is gone and just like dating so is the effort. The consultation can begin to lack in motivation and excitement. When they were new, you used to spend quality time listening to their needs with a higher motivation to meet their desires and wants. Unfortunately, your client is also aware this has happened and as they see a depreciation in enthusiasm; they begin to look elsewhere.

3. You are not offering them change

Not only do clients want the option to change their physical appearance in the form of their colour/cut, nail colour, spray tans and all the external changes we can see. They also want to be introduced to new possibilities.

Here are a few ideas:

  • New services/treatments available
  • Limited addition products/services
  • Access to information/inspiration
  • Engagement with their business
  • When was the last time you introduced a new product or service?

4. Too expensive

When a client refers to your salon as too expensive - it is not about the price. When paying a price for something we have a certain expectation of the customer service and all the other aspects which come with the actual service/product we are purchasing. It’s when these other elements do not meet the expectation is when we query the price we have paid. They already knew the price they now want the service and expectation to meet that price. Do not charge for 5 star and deliver 3!!

5. Your time management

If you regularly leave your clients waiting because you have run behind or you take a long time to complete your services/treatments, your clients will begin to look for a stylist/therapist who can work to a timely manner. We all know time is money and time is something our clients have little of so they do not want to be there longer than they need to be.

6. Influences and persuasion from friends/co-workers

Your clients will always be met with recommendations from their family and friends. They will be tempted by competitors online so it is crucial we are delivering excellent customer service, building relationships and rebooking our clients every time they visit us.

7. Retail recommendation

A client who purchases their homecare and retail from you is four times more likely to stay loyal to your salon. Clients want your knowledge and expertise - that is why they visit you. Informing them of suitable products tailored to their hair type/skin condition is invaluable to them and will save them time and money on purchasing the correct product for them. 

Jess Crane

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Jessica has over 15 years industry experience and works with ambitious salon owners and their teams to take their business to the next level. To find out more

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